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The Mechanism

Sizes: 135mm, 195mm, 260mm

Unique “bottom fit” for all lengths

Introducing the Crush Grind™

Salt & Pepper Mill
New on the market, the innovative Crush Grind™ pepper mill mechanisms is made from durable ceramic burrs, permitting easy grinding of pepper, salt  and other hard spices.
Crush Grinds are available in two different versions:
The first version is the traditional style with the grinding mechanism at the bottom of the mill. It differs from the standard mechanism by having the coarseness adjustment at the bottom of the assembly. This eliminates the necessity for having a thumb nut on top.
As the shaft can be cut to any length, the mills can be made in a variety of shapes and configurations.
The second version is a short, shaftless mechanism which can be mounted with its opening facing either upwards or downwards. This makes it possible to fashion a mill which only emits the spice from the top of the mill thereby eliminating any mess on the table.
Neither of these two versions require  mounting screws and can easily be fitted into wooden casings.
These milling mechanisms further use ceramic grinding wheels that do not  rust. They are durable, practical and versatile.
Made in Europe, Crush Grind Mechanisms are the mechanisms of choice around the world.